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Stop tier 5 matchmaking against tier 7

Top tier tanks – how to a. Gaining experience and your panzer matchmaking chart, den t 24 wot preferential matchmaking casual dating with preferred mm? One of tanks and require no new tank pudel: t first prototype vs.

Matchmaking Entry is now made through a mode selection. GM Panzer 38(t) Ambush DB Light Tank; GM Panzer SU T/76 Vasyugan Light Medium Tank.

Production ended in , when its main armament was deemed inadequate. In all, over 1, Pz. The chassis of the Pz. The t stands for tschechisch , the German word for Czech; the Czechoslovak military designation was LT vz. The special vehicle designation for the tank in Germany was Sd. The Panzer 38 t was a conventional inter-war tank design, with riveted armour. Later models Ausf.

E production runs onward. In addition, a 7. This machine gun could be trained on targets independently of the main gun, or coupled to the main gun for use as a conventional coaxial machine gun. The driver was in the front right of the hull, with the radio operator seated to the driver’s left. The radio operator manned the hull-mounted 7. A total of 2, rounds were carried for the bow and turret machine guns.

Panzer 38(t)

Daimler-Benz created the design based on a requirement for increased speed. The suspension was built with Kniepkamp’s interleaved road wheels, which were very popular with German tank builders in those days. An order for was made, but only some sources state were manufactured chassis number A total of 1, received chassis numbers and entered service.

This World of Tanks which German tank line guide focuses on German tanks and When Damage Per Minute is Important · Should Matchmaking & Balancing Be Your mainly a jack of all trades tier 4 tank so don’t try to play like a light tank or a PzKpfw 38 t Weak Spots:

Despite everything and all the problems I will talk about below I do keep coming back to it, and often, I find myself having great fun. There is, in many ways, a depth to the game seldom achieved by other first person shooters. You fight and contribute to an overall war effort — that is, the Generals are the ones playing the RTS side of the game, while the Heroes are the soldiers on the ground fighting it out.

Now I intend for this post to be constructive. That is, for every problem, I will hopefully indicate a solution. I am also fairly most of the things I point out will or have been addressed by developers, the players, or both. That is not stopping me from pointing out the things I noticed that do not seem to exactly work as intended — or things that simply need to be improved upon.

Hopefully they prove thought-provoking. If you were wondering, yes this is a long post. In fact, it has become literally dissertation length. If you needed any more indication of my need for better things to do with my time, here you have it. I most probably should have done this over a series, instead of one super-post. Ah well. At any rate, I have experimented a little bit with the general layout of the post.

Advice on 35 (t)

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I included tank played, tank tier, battle tier, type of matchmaking(all 1 up to 20 seconds for a battle, but I wouldn’t be bottom tier all the time.

You always want the strongest team for the lowest amount of power possible. The problem also gets dramatically worse as the promotions go higher. I reviewed all the plat skills in the game and decided that Phalanx probably had the best overall Platinum skill it gives bonus health and damage to the entire team as long as everyone is alive. The reality is that if two identical teams face off but one has a 5-star plat razorback and the other has a star bronze, despite being similar in power, the star bronze razorback will have a clear advantage.

There are hacky solutions to this like changing crate rewards or PVP gem income to scale with power, but that risks screwing over new players who need them. Great post! It addresses the root of the matchmaking problems that we all hate dealing with and highlights some potential solutions. Drawing attention to how the system is abused is a very key part of the path to a fix.

Panzer is the perfect example of this.

Grille Matchmaking

This is a larger update that adds content for Tides of War and the Armory, as well as several quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. The most noteworthy of our issue fixes are those addressing performance when firing or getting fired at, which in some cases could cause frame spikes. The full notes are listed below. The goal is to increase intensity and give players a more consistent experience by reducing the size of combat areas and focusing on specific map locations. Aerodrome The first map we wanted to change in Team Deathmatch was Aerodrome.

The old layout had interesting areas, but it was a bit unfocused and often ended up with players running back and forth, not finding fights.

Viewer spotlight! // 38 (t) n.A. / “The little tank that could” Kept its tier, got better matchmaking and didn’t get any nerfs. Read more.

World of Tanks on the PS4 is free-to-play gaming done right. Since I’ve booted up the game, I’ve spent countless hours hunting down tanks, flanking SPGs and sniping unsuspecting victims with an impressive KDR to boot. Best part of it all – I remained competitive in those or so rounds without the need to spend a single cent. Ok fine, I probably spent RM30 for the gold coins but those were spent purely for vanity purposes. I just could not resist the urge of putting on that winter camouflage on my favorite machines of war.

With an array of over tanks from the United States, Germany, USSR and the UK to choose from, no tank is THE perfect tank, encouraging players to experiment with various types of vehicles in search for their own perfect fit. Some quarters may call the tank sluggish and weak for its tier, but to me, it’s perfect for my play style and approach to the game. Another favorite is the German Pz.

IV Ausf. Different than your typical shooter where you aim for center mass to take down your opponents, several additional factors come into play when playing World of Tanks including when and where to find cover, the reloading times, vehicle traverse speed and even the angle of your tank to increase chances of ricochet of shells which makes every kill much more satisfying.

Gone are the days where constant drops in framerates affect how your tank perform. I had issues with that playing the game on my PC which pretty much affected my experience playing it.

‘Battlefield 5’ Update 1.15 Tweaks Firestorm Vehicles & Revives – Patch Notes

By Bavor , September 21, in Metagame Discussion. Some of the community contributors said that at Tankfest that they were told by Wargaming employees the matchmaking mechanic that increases your chance of being top tier or middle tier after being bottom tier has not worked since 9. It looks like they are speaking the truth. I kept track of my last solo pub battles all battles since 1. I played mostly tier 8 through 10 with the occasional tier 6 and 7 battle.

Most of the battles were played between 7 PM and 11 PM east coast time when the server population is highest.

3 tier IVs – (Panzer IV d) (Stug III B) (M3 Lee) 1 Tier IIIs – (panzer 38t) 1 Tier II – (Ha​-go equipped with the 5,7cm gun). Against the british team.

Jump to content. Out of the past 6 games i just played using various tier 5 tanks, i’ve been pitted in games where I am only one of two tier 5 tanks, two or three are tier 7s! I don’t know about you but my crusader got destroyed in two hits, i inflicted a measly 80 points of damage in return. My churchill I barely scratched the tiger, i had to use my special ammo and that tickled him, for every one of their normal rounds i would have to use 5 special rounds to deal the same damage.

My churchill was the last remaining tank on my team up against a tier 7. There was no way that if I hadn’t hid amongst the trains i would have won! So I ended up with a draw! My wolverine was about as much support as a walking stick made from straws, and quickly got destroyed by a tier 7 who swatted me out the way. The list of perilous defeats from confronting these teams who see me as a one or two hit easy kill is annoying. I can’t wait to get a tier 6 tank, but unfortunately it means upgrading my tier 5 tanks first.

And the standard gun when you only just get them is barely worth using. Please would you consider a fairer way of matchmaking tier v tanks, tier vii tanks are just too advanced to even consider it being a joyful challenge any more. You might as well match make tier iii tanks with tier v tanks and see how well they fair!

World of Tanks on PS4 – a quick overview

Three months after that update Console is going all in with the Mercenary line, and some balance updates that the community has been waiting nearly a year for. Was it worth it? Eight new Mercenary tanks and commanders are being added, looking about as good as a T29 mashed with an IS These will be earned more or less the same way as the previous Mercenary tanks, through time limited Operations that can be bought out or at least partially bought out with gold.

When softer matchmaking rules were introduced, the Tier V tank lost the 7,5 cm Kw.K. 44/1 L/70, //38, //, , ,

Jump to content. Panzer 38 nA! You have the best matchmaking in game. Hey that’s WG without the Russian bias for you. Fix for Pz38na is long overdue. They should consider the T too. Both does not have the engine power to go into sneaky smart spotting bushes and positions quickly before fast enemy mediums arrive. Not surprising to see a few days ago a unicorn 38na was trying to flank around a T32 to shoot the paper hull instead of actually scouting Luchs beats it in every category.

With the exception of view range, but Luchs is a fast nimble scout that uses its mobility more than passive scout viewrange Maybe you mean the B2.

Pz.38(t) A

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Thanks Goose! Now it’s time to enter a whole new world A world of armour, and artillery.

Which tanks have special matchmaking except premium tanks?I already Why should Pz38nA get covenanter’s MM when it’s a German tank.:) Hey that’s T5: KV/T, Churchill III, T14, Matilda BP, Matilda IV. T6: Tog II.

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