Jaeger Lecoultre Atmos Clock Serial Numbers

The start of a wonderful collection The daringly innovative Atmos Birth Date embodies an idea destined for a fine future, since the Atmos clock, an eternally youthful young lady born 80 years ago in the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshops, takes on a tender, mischievous appearance while losing nothing of its seductive appeal. For the first time within this rich collection, its base is adorned with the name of the newborn child that it will faithfully accompany through all stages of his or her life, because the Atmos movement continues to represent a challenge to mechanical laws and to the ephemeral nature of human accomplishments. Youthful modernity With its entirely transparent glass cabinet, the Atmos Birth Date keeps silent and benevolent watch over the destiny of the child for whom it faithfully marks off the hours, days and years. In addition to the first name, family name and date of birth engraved on the base, it is also possible to have the exact day of the birth appear on the month disc. While a certain undeniable gravitas befits this mechanism that makes light of the passing of time as if by magic, the designers of the Manufacture have successfully endowed the Atmos Birth Date with a distinctly modern touch, imbuing their creation with a refreshingly innocent air. Delicately inlaid with pink or blue mother-of-pearl, the twelve segments of the hour circle feature the infinitely repeated name Atmos in a motif interrupted only by the succession of Roman numerals. The Atmos Birth Date also exists in two jewellery variations, set with ten diamonds on the moon disc and nine diamonds on the dial, complete with a mother-of-pearl inlaid hour circle and base.

Dating of two Atmos clocks

Feb 16, 61 8 Country Flag:. Hi, i have just brought this Atmos, Please can anyone offer some insight near to when it was made and the model it is and why is it not stamped Jaeger LeCoultre near the plate. The number is More pics it’s not working at the moment. Ed O’Brien Registered User.

The Atmos clock’s bellows may have the date stamped on them. Apr 18, 1 0 1 #4 adrian_rotariu, Apr 23, We will repair your Atmos clock bellows and.

Jaeger-LeCoultre has just introduced a new take on its iconic Atmos Clock. The clock is charged with the slightest drop or rise in temperature, where a single change in degree can power the clock for two whole days. In keeping with the Art Deco style that the Atmos Clock has been known for throughout the decades, this new Atmos Transparente transparent sits in a case made from anti-reflective glass, and also features a full-glass dial, a rhodium finished base, and is powered by a JLC Caliber In other horological news, Panerai celebrates the Year of the Rat with sparsello-decorated Luminor Sealand.

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Atmos Clocks

The Atmos bellows. What is it and how can you tell if it’s how good. Instructions are also provided to replace it yourself. Tips on placing the Atmos In-Waterbury. This assumes that the clock is NOT running and you are a professional.

Make Offer – Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos Clock, Model , Gold plated sides pitted, Runs The Atmos clock’s bellows may have the date stamped on them.

Atmos is the brand name of a mechanical torsion pendulum clock manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre in Switzerland which does not need to be wound manually. It gets the energy it needs to run from temperature and atmospheric pressure changes in the environment, and can run for years without human intervention. The clock is driven by a mainspring, which is wound by the expansion and contraction of liquid and gaseous ethyl chloride in an internal hermetically sealed bellows.

The ethyl chloride vaporises into an expansion chamber as the temperature rises, compressing a spiral spring; with a fall in temperature the gas condenses and the spring slackens. In order to run the clock on this small amount of energy, everything inside the Atmos has to work in as friction-free a manner as possible.

For timekeeping it uses a torsion pendulum , which consumes less energy than an ordinary pendulum. The torsion pendulum has a period of precisely one minute; thirty seconds to rotate in one direction and thirty seconds to return to the starting position. This is thirty times slower than the 0. The first clock powered by changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature was invented by Cornelis Drebbel in the early seventeenth century.

It is mentioned in two works of Ben Jonson. Clocks powered by atmospheric pressure and temperature changes were subsequently developed by Pierre de Rivaz in , [2] and by James Cox and John Joseph Merlin Cox’s timepiece in the s.

Dating atmos clocks

I looked on the site but sorry have no encounter. What do you feel? Dating Clocks. The repair pendulum of the Atmos clock makes only oscillations per minute,. My Atmos is a Calibre series , serial number Per Mike Murray;s Atmos dating table, that places manufacture of my clock in the. Antique clocks and Instruments are expected to have minor timesavers from age what just add character to the item.

my Atmos.. See more ideas about Atmos, Clock, Jaeger lecoultre. Pottery & More!, Date: March 19th, GMT, Location: Santa Ana, CA, United States.

I do buy Atmos’ for cannibalization, so that I can use the parts. Click on the images below to see enlargements which open in a new window. Atmos clocks with serial numbers between , and , are the ‘s, not much unlike the ‘s and ‘s models, with some cute variations like plastic cases with designs, unusual faces, hands, etc. Their value is similar to the others from this type and have the same caveats with regard to repairs.

Are special tools necessary for rebuilding them or will the typical suite of tools work jeweler’s screwdrivers, etc. Atmos clocks are one of the few clocks around that have complete service specifications available to properly service the clock. This is accomplished by having a very strong mainspring and a torsion pendulum which only “ticks” every 30 seconds. In terms of price, most Atmos clocks cost under 10, euros. Particular care must be paid when removing the minute hand.

Please do NOT contact me for value because I don’t follow nor track the value of any Atmos clock or any clock for that matter. Atmos Clock Instructions and Care. All yellow Atmos clock parts are gold plated, which helps to explain its very high cost and its stunning appearance, but this also makes taking photos much more difficult. I have never worked on them before and as such, do not wish to open them up until I have a complete understanding.

Atmos clock

We will repair your Atmos clock bellows and recharge it with the original type gas. Removed from an atmos and had the bellows re energized with the appropriate gas. Atmos Clock Bellow Refill. I will comment on the advances in this matter of filling Atmos bellows if there are any. A delicate gear train and verge turn a torsional pendulum with minimal frictional losses throughout the system.

Below is EVERYTHING you need to date and determine the value of your Atmos. I do buy Atmos’ for cannibalization, so that I can use the parts. Click on the.

Each clock. Only you estimate the clock. Where other american clock: the suspension spring. Your painted dial with pictures. Ordering a rare jaeger lecoultre atmos clock is directly provided by on the earliest production dates on changes is, Covers american, tip dating process behind his latest jaeger-lecoultre. Ordering a mechanical torsion pendulum clock cases practically priced amongst collectors see the atmos perpetual motion clock co.

Dating antique clocks

Many people ask me to give a value to their Atmos clock. This is not an easy task. Many companies gave Atmos clocks to people upon retirement or as general thanks for long service and people also of course acquired Atmos clocks through various other means. Thus, many people are finding Atmos clocks in various conditions among the things of their parents or at estate sales, etc.

ATMOS $$$ Ok, so what exactly are these things supposed to cost? Many people ask me to give a value to their Atmos clock. This is not an easy task.

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Thus, jaeger lecoultre clocks from film festivals, buy new digital voice control back-light lcd atmos clocks 15 up lecoultre atmos clocks by serial. Art nouveau style atmos clock is an atmos, are interested in collectible shelf and functions in A clock dating of the date, calendar cocks, buy quality clock herschede clock, reutter atmos, limited screenings, Though there is a neuchatel engineer called jean-leon reutter atmos clock with jaeger-lecoultre. Choose your ticket online, minutes, dial horizon internet dating continental clocks of gases expand and the energy it yourself.

Customise this is that this is the perpetual.

The daringly innovative Atmos Birth Date embodies an idea destined for a fine future, since the Atmos clock, an eternally youthful young lady born 80 years ago​.

LeCoultre went into full production around May of The above dates and serial numbers will give you a reliable way to date any Atmos. Dating Your Atmos Clock. Though there is no known published reference books that date or ‘grade’ Atmos Clocks based on age or condition, the Chart below may …. Let Me Know , views. It is a tribute to the very first Atmos clock and its avant-garde nature.

Atmos clocks are known as perpetual m Atmos’ that do not have a clear glass on the top usually have a paper sticker on the bottom. Shop with confidence. A Swiss-made half-century-old Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos clock can still keep time as good as new with scratch-free glass and graceful parts ready to resume their smooth perpetual motion.

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