Equestria Girls

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My Little Pony

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James Miller 1 days ago. As Celestia tells you in the intro scene, you have days to get some ta- uh, I mean, make some friends. David Moore 15 days ago. Accolades is a far stretch out there for any one dating David Jackson 23 days ago. I started this somewhere around when the whole “Alicorn Twilight” thing was announced.

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Enter Equestria as either a mare or a stallion and meet all the different ponies that live there. Obviously, you can date them. Though, you may want to study, get a job, and buy them stuff as well.

Download the latest version of My Little Pony for Android. The official My My Little Pony is the official game of the new adventures of My Date:

The Equestria Girls mini-game is a dancing mini-game where the player gets the character to dance to a song by tapping the screen. It was teased during the summer of and was implemented for the Version 1. The player may access the mini-game by tapping at a mirror located somewhere on the upper parts of an area. Prior to the start of the game, the player is prompted to select one of six characters , and then choose an outfit. The game begins after a prompt on the game ‘s mechanics. There are three basic types of icons: purple horseshoes for a single tap, green horseshoes for a tap and hold, and yellow horseshoes for rapid tapping.

The green and purple horseshoes can come alone or in pairs, which corresponds to a single finger tap or a two-fingered tap, respectively.

My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)

Equestria Mlp Burger Cooking 4. Afternoon Dating 3. Romantic Cinema Dating 4. Princesses Love Dating 4.

Friendship Is Magic takes place in the land of Equestria, populated by varieties of ponies including Equestria after dark dating sim.

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My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

Skip to Content. Social-emotional lessons are frequent, circling around concepts like the meaning of friendship, what friends owe to each other, and what working together can accomplish. That said, the science is iffy: Airships can’t just float through space without engines or some type of lighter-than-air gas, and it’s unlikely that a flying pony could carry several other ponies her same size — but it is a fantasy.

Positive messages are emphasized through dialogue, plot, and song, with lyrics highlighting confidence, teamwork, and working hard. Friends are supportive of one another, authority figures are thoughtful and kind, and the ponies’ ultimate goals are peace, friendship, and fun. Action scenes may be too intense for very young kids: Scary, dark villains come out of the sky in airships that spread spooky black clouds, and several fights take place in midair, with ponies hurtling through the air before being saved at the last moment.

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Pony Dating Sim

Applejack and her siblings discover a few surprises when they set out to unravel the mystery of the feud between the Apple and Pear families. Shining Armor and Princess Cadence are set to be married, but Twilight Sparkle has just discovered a dark secret about the bride to be. After reminiscing about her Canterlot days, Twilight realizes that she left for Ponyville without really saying goodbye to her old friends, and tries to reconnect and re-open friendships lost. Watch the video.

Recent games at Twilight Wing: My Little Pony game by futzi Traffic Col. Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 1: The first part of the dating sim.

There are many lists of pony artists and musicians out there, why not a list of pony-bespoke software? More lists at GitHub. BronyTunes – Listen to music by all of your favorite brony musicians, and discover new ones! HoovesSound – An ultimate premium like pony music streaming platform. Ponyville Live! Desktop Ponies – 8 bit ponies on your desktop. PonyApp – A pony that walks around my task bar. Desktop App – An all in one location for all your favourite pony stations!

Derpiboo – An iOS app project for derpibooru. PonyMotes – An Android utility for managing the thousands of PonyMotes that are available from dozens of pony subreddits on Reddit. Window to Equestria taken down from Play Store, alternate forum topic – Window to Equestria uses augmented reality to put more ponies in your life!

Browser Ponies – Lets you place ponies on websites.

Equestria Girls mini-game

As Celestia tells you in the intro scene, you have days to get some ta- uh, I mean, make some friends. Accolades is a far stretch out there for any one dating I started this somewhere around when the whole “Alicorn Twilight” thing was announced. Please review and Rate. It’s more like a meet n’ fuck than a dating simulator.

Budge Studios™ presents My Little Pony Rainbow Runners! A powerful color-​stealing spell has been unleashed on Ponyville and it’s up to your favorite ponies​.

Explore the halls of Canterlot High while completing friendship quests, and get rewards for helping out your favorite Equestria Girls friends! This app has no issues for me and is wonderful. Fun to play with! I look forward to unlocking the levels! Read article. Official Trailer Explore Canterlot High and complete friendship quests. Unlock Content Scan Equestria Girls dolls to unlock clothing, accessories or daily rewards.

Invite Equestria Girls characters to help you in your quests. Explore Canterlot High Complete friendship quests, unlock special rooms, and play mini games such as Archery and Motocross. What players said Our players are our best advertisers! They talked about Equestria Girls “It’s fun to discover and unlock different parts of the school — the library, classrooms, the cafeteria — and to chat with friends in the hallways, so fans who love the social, dress-up culture of the show also will get a kick out of the app.

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